Restaurant epoxy Flooring for Mexican Grill

A freind of mine that does all of our cement finishing referred me to a general contractor that had recently had a self-leveling floor poured By one contractor and then finished
by another contractor with a microtopping. The customer was not happy with the floor finish and I was asked to look it over. On arrival I found that the floor was very uneven. Some areas were a quarter of an inch thick where and other areas were 1/8 of an inch thick. All of it was delaminating.

Unfortunately the only option was to remove the micro topping completely and because the self-leveling was not manufactured by any of the companies that manufacture Microtoppings no micro topping manufacturer was willing to sanction an installation.

We have had quite a bit of experience with the our epoxy on self-leveling’s and I felt that that would be the best solution

As three phase power was not available we brought in a generator and removed the micro-topping from 1400 square-foot this resulted in over 3000 pounds of dust that we put into the contractors bin.

We installed our clear Epoxy and the floor looks fabulous!



Costco Woodbridge Epoxy Floor Repairs

When our friend Bruce from Costco Woodbridge cold
and let me know that he was getting new ovens for the bakery in less than a week
we mobilized for an overnight shift and repaired the floor under the picking up Ben’s and replaced it for a new polyurethane cement floor
We had all of the Epoxyguy’s there that night and we did a Another patch in the bakery half of the chicken cooking area and an area in the restaurant

all areas were ready for service by 7 AM the next day!!!


York Region center receives new epoxy floor in parking garage

Usually when we do installations on parking decks we use a polyurethane flooring system that acts as a waterproofing system. The polyurethane waterproofing systems have elongation properties that allow the flooring to stretch over any new cracking that is developed to maintain a barrier for water between parkingdecks. in this case the parking deck is on grade and requires no protection for any spaces underneath

And epoxy flooring was specified we ground the floor thoroughly filled pitting from Saul damage and applied three coats with fairly heavy anti-slip

job complete happy new year



North York Two bite brownie factory gets new 1/4″ food plant flooring !

This 5000 square-foot floor proved to be very challenging

The old floor was made of Epoxy and Sand.

It was delaminating in many areas but when we began to remove the coating to get to clean CONCRETE we found many bolts buried in the old floor.

This reeked havoc on our grinder and tooling. We went through many tools and had to finish much of the removal with chipping hammers to get around metal in the floor,

We also found that where the floor was exposed it was very contaminated with oil and extensive concrete degreasing  to bring it to the surface.Even after floor degreasing we found that the cracks and saw cuts were still contaminated .All we could do was v them and continue with the install

We also had to maintain access for the staff that use this area as a thoroughfare from one side of the plant to the other

A job that was supposed to take a week took two weeks but in the end they have a new HACCP approved floor



Warehouse Epoxy Floor 425 Attwell dr

This 16,000 square-foot floor close to the airport needed heavy grinding to remove the Mastics, mortars and contamination that been there for many years.

There were challenges with the 600v connection as well as 110 V power

ofher trades were everywhere

Each hand grinder requires 15 amps min and the vacuum as well

we got through it

1600 ft edge grinding with 2 x 110v crcuits!!

The customer is responsible for Garbage ,Power connections and protecting anything necessary from dust

No people other than floor crew allowed on the floor!!! 


XTR Warehouse receives flat concrete overlayment.

This 55,000 sf warehouse in Rexdale was a food storage facility for many years. The floors had a great slope to drains. Because the location has railway access it was chosen to be a paper storage facility. 10,000 lb paper rolls need to be stacked 20 ft into the air. A flat floor is required to keep the stacked paper rolls straight. Self levelling could not be used as it does not have the hardness or compressive strength to take these loads- concrete was chosen as an overlayment.

We shotblasted the floor installed an epoxy bonding agent and had 300 cubic meters of concrete delivered, placed and finished.